Friday, 14 July 2017

Amanyangyun Shanghai relocates an entire forest in its premises

Amanresorts’ latest resort in Shanghai, Amanyangyun has decided to bring the ‘wild’ to Shanghai, by  transporting an entire forest that dates back a millennium to its premises.

In a gesture that seems rather noble, the engineers and architects of the resort rescued an ancient camphor tree forest in China’s remote Jiangxi province from being submerged by water from a nearby reservoir. The team then transported the forest, root, shoot and all, to the area surrounding their resort. Along with the forest came over 50 ancient Qing and Ming dynasty houses too that were in danger of being submerged too.

The houses date back hundreds of years and had once been the dwellings of the wealthy. Apart from the ancient camphor forest, which lends its unique scent, the wellness resort also has 24 club suites, set in the backdrop of the forest and 13 antique villas that come with their own courtyards. Apart from a wellness spa, the resort also features a carefully designed banquet hall that can seat over 200 and also over six dining venues designed in themes ranging from cafe and formal to alfresco.

Amanyangyun Shanghai

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