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The Ritz Carlton Istanbul presents an “off the beaten track” guide to Istanbul

The Concierges at the Ritz Carlton Istanbul have compiled for CPP-LUXURY.COM a set of “off the beaten track” recommendations to visit Istanbul

Street art in the Karaköy district

Keep your eyes open for the top of the buildings. There are so many old graffitis done by foreign artists like 1UP. Kripoe’s yellow hands works by local graffiti artists Leo and Mr.Hure’s works are also must sees in this area. Walking towards Kabataş- on the left side- will take you to the new Karaköy, which is becoming the hip place to hang out among creatives.

There are very unique street art pieces to see around, like ones from Demo and Gezi. Depending on the time you’re visiting, you can also enter the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and see local graffiti artist Nuka, whose work was commissioned by the University itself! If you’re still up for more action, then head over to the Karaköy-Kadıköy ferry line. It takes around 30 mins, with a wonderful view of the city and its one of the cheapest ways to get to the Asian side

Street Art in Istanbul

Istiklal shopping street

It is one of the city’s main shopping streets and is always crowded. This street, starting from Taksim Square all the way to Tünel . İstiklal also has many interesting side streets and small pasaj (arcades). Definitely check out the Beyoğlu Balık Pazarı (open air market) for some serious food shopping, and then wander a few more steps next door to the famous Çiçek Pasajı, a famous historic arcade opened in 1876. If you get tired of walking, take the historic red tramway that runs up and down the street.

Istiklal Shopping Street

Mezze by Lemon Tree Restaurant

A niche in the world of Istanbul’s meyhanes, Meze By Lemon Tree is different from the classic meze joint: it’s very traditional and very modern at the same time. The Meze kitchen is based on the idea of creating experimental dishes without straying too far from traditional codes of the Turkish cuisine. As such, classic Turkish ingredients and recipes are used in order to create fun and inventive dishes.

Mezze by Lemon Tree Restaurant in Istanbul

Street Markets

Kadıköy  Salı Pazarı -The most famous bazaar. You can reach there by  Following Hasanpasa signs from Municipality of Kadıköy
Bakırköy - Zuhurat Baba, Karabal Avenue – Next to the exit of Bakırköy Prof. Dr. Mazhar Osman Ruh Sağlığı ve Sinir Hastalıkları Hastanesi ( Bakırköy Prof. Dr. Mazhar Osman Mental Health and Neurology Hospital)
4 Levent – Close to the 4 Levent bus stop enroute to Sarıyer
Arnavutköy - Close to Arnavutköy bus stop.
Bahçeşehir - The bazaar is called Pazartürk and is located on the avenue between Bahçeşehir and Esenkent.
Fındıkzade - Between Tadım shop and Alipaşa Hamam

Bakırköy Market Istanbul

Cicek Passage (Beyoglu)

Once graced with the French title ‘Cite de Pera’, Cicek Pasaji (Flower Passage) retains a European style elegance. This iconic Passage dates back to the mid 19th century to its days as a glamorous theatre until a destructive fire in 1870 led to its transformation into a shopping mall and later a flower auction place and blue collar hangout. These days, the Passage is lined with restaurants offering an upscale Meyhane (Turkish taverna) experience. Many foreigners and locals come here to enjoy the beautiful architecture and lively atmosphere.

Cicek Passage (Beyoglu)

Rhythm of the Dance

Sensational  Ottoman harem  dances  , charming traditional dances and exotic belly dances  are  showcased magnificently.  Fascinating choreography . Rhythm and fire shows.  Highly energic and moving .  Amazing  costumes.  360 degree special visual effects creates magical show atmosphere in the historical place . You may enjoy the Dervish Experience Exhibition in the foyer area before the show.

Rhythm of the Dance – Istanbul

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art (Art & Dine)

The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Turkey’s first private museum to organize modern and contemporary art exhibitions, was founded in 2004 and occupies an 8,000 square meter site on the shores of the Bosphorus.

Istanbul Modern embraces a global vision to collect, preserve, exhibit and document works of modern and contemporary art and make them accessible to art lovers.

Restaurant and terrace looking out to the historical peninsula of Istanbul and the Bosphorus, Istanbul Modern Restaurant serves everyone, regardless of whether they are visiting the museum, with a rich menu.

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

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