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GUCCI unveils protest-centric campaign

GUCCI‘s pre-fall 2018 collection and surrounding campaign are primarily inspired by the 1968 period of civil unrest in France, particularly the student movements that flared up to protest imperialism, capitalism and inequality. By tapping into this political theme, Gucci is making a powerful statement about what it wants this collection to represent.

The student protests in 1968 were a pivotal time in French history. They sparked one of the largest general strikes in history, with millions of French citizens filling the streets to demonstrate for a variety of causes.

From protesting war and imperialism to capitalist oppression and inequality to the rights of workers suffering under poverty, the civil unrest of 1968 was a testament to the will of the French people to shape society in a more equal and moral way.

Gucci is tapping into that spirit of optimism and duty with a new campaign inspired by the movement. Named Dans Les Rues, or “in the streets,” the campaign uses imagery of models climbing the sides of buildings, gathering in large groups to discuss politics and activism and other iconic actions familiar to anyone who lived through that time.

Gucci cites the initial march on Sorbonne University as one of the primary inspirations for the campaign, along with ’60s rock and roll, the philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre and the radical politics of participatory democracy embodied by the student movement.

The campaign also cites the gritty, independent cinema of the mid-1990s as an inspiration for the campaign photos’ black-and-white imagery.

The latest campaign from Gucci focuses on Paris, but the brand has been taking an international view for many of its latest projects. For instance, Gucci is continuing its creative relationship with Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal as the house looks to expand the footprint of its Art Walls mural series.

Mr. Monreal recently collaborated with Gucci on its Gift Giving campaign for the 2017 holiday season, which included a dedicated book as well as Art Walls for the Gucci Bloom fragrance and eyewear collection. Gucci’s Art Walls concept pays homage to traditional advertising methods that saw murals hand-painted on the sides of buildings in heavily trafficked areas.

Gucci also recently announced that it is the exclusive designer of music superstar Elton John’s final world tour outfits. The recording artist’s “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour will kick off in September and travel the globe for the next three years. Through this partnership, Gucci will have prime placement as the musician says goodbye to his fans

Campaigns such as this have led to Gucci having a banner year in 2017 due to increased traffic and engagement rates online.

According to SimilarWeb, Gucci saw its total site traffic increase 46 percent in 2017 compared to the year prior. In December 2017, for example, SimilarWeb found that Gucci had 4.2 million visits across desktop and mobile Web in the United States alone, much higher than December 2016’s 1.9 million

With Dans Les Rues, Gucci is hoping to continue that trend with a campaign that taps into the revolutionary spirit of May 1968.

GUCCI protest-centric campaign 'Dans Les Rues' GUCCI protest-centric campaign 'Dans Les Rues'

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