Saturday, 8 July 2017

Moncler streamlines top management

Moncler has reviewed its top management structure in order to make the company “leaner, faster and more flexible,” the brand said in a press release. The Italian luxury down jacket label has in fact concentrated the main managerial functions in the hands of Roberto Eggs and Luciano Santel, who will continue to report directly to CEO Remo Ruffini.

The marketing and communications departments have been put under the direct supervision of the company’s COO Roberto Eggs – in charge since May 2015 – who now becomes Chief Marketing and Operating Officer.

Supply chain operations have instead been added to Luciano Santel’s responsibilities. He has served as Moncler’s Chief Corporate Officer since September 2013, and his new title will be Chief Corporate and Supply Officer.

“Roberto and Luciano will be working in even closer contact with me, as the executive in charge of Moncler’s brand strategy, with the objective of facing up to the challenges of the future in the quickest and most effective fashion,” wrote Remo Ruffini in the press release.

In 2016, Moncler topped the €1 billion revenue mark, and in the first quarter 2017 its sales grew by 16%, up to €276.2 million.


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