Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Louis Vuitton wins $23 million counterfeit lawsuit in the US

Louis Vuitton has won a $23 million dollar judgment in a Florida court against 200 Chinese retailers who were selling knock off goods online in the US.

This is the latest victory for the luxury retailer who actively defends its trademarks and intellectual property rights. Similar to other recent legal victories for the brand, this case marks a default judgment where the retailer, and copyright owner, emerges victorious, but may not be able to collect any of the monetary award from the defendants.

Trademark law puts the burden on the owner of the mark to enforce it which is why Louis Vuitton and other brands are so frequently in court. They have to protect their brands through all legal means possible. Making news and creating headlines about winning multi-million dollar judgments is often the best way a brand can protect itself.

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