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Harvey Moscot of Moscot on the continued success of the iconic brand

CPP-LUXURY.COM has recently interviewed Harvey Moscot, President MOSCOT, a New York City Institution renowned worldwide for its iconic eyewear.

How would you define luxury nowadays? 

LUXURY must combine two key components: Quality and unsurpassable service levels. The combination of these two key ingredients is what creates an everlasting memory of “luxury”.

To what extent lifestyle relates to luxury?  

Lifestyle relates to luxury in that both must have consistency. To subscribe to a specific lifestyle means that you are consistent and timeless in your approach. Luxury too has this concept of consistency and dependability embedded within.

What are the ingredients behind the success of your brand? 

We remain authentic and humble. We never lose sight of our core values that have been part of our business since first generation, Hyman Moscot, immigrated to America in 1899. These values speak to integrity, honesty, and treating people fairly. We employ these values in all aspects of our business and at all levels. And…we never take ourselves too seriously!

How important is the distribution through your flagship boutiques? 

Our flagship boutiques are critical!  It’s where we can most fully translate and tell our five generational, heritage story. We are also able to display our full collection, which many fans never can see all in one place.

What is the impact of the digital world on your business? How have you reacted?   

The digital world has been critical to our success around the world. We can connect with our fans and have them interact with our brand daily. It’s enabled the global concept of “family”.  And as a family owned and operated business we know how important this is.

Tell us more about the social causes your company is involved. 

As a Doctor of Optometry by training, I decided in 2008 to “give back” to the city of New York that has been so good to MOSCOT during the past 100+ years. We spearheaded MOSCOT Mobileyes as the first not for profit organization to provide free routine/medical eye care and eyeglasses to specific NYC organizations that help underprivileged New Yorkers. We have worked with the Boys Club of NYC, The Doe Fund, and recently The Restore Organization that helps women that are unknowingly victims of sexual trafficking. MOSCOT Mobilieyes goes out every three months to provide these services. We are very proud of the help and care we have provided these underprivileged children and adults of New York City. Please visit for more information.
What is your view on limited edition collaborations? Are there any brands from other sectors you would be keen to create such collaborations?  

We love working with other like-minded creative spirits. It provides an opportunity for MOSCOT to test its limits and go beyond its traditional designs. Collaborations must be fun and make sense for The MOSCOT Brand. We collaborated with Smart Car (Mercedes Auto Group) in honor of our 100-year anniversary in business and produced 100 special, limited edition Cabriolet, Smart Cars. Yes automobiles!  Myself, along with fifth generation Zack Moscot, my son, and Chief Design Officer, worked with the Smart car folks and had a blast creating this “MOSCOT” vehicle.

Which are your mid and long-term plans? Continuing our family’s legacy by creating great products and globally expanding our retail presence. Our story continues to evolve with the fifth generation and there is a lot to do!

Harvey Moscot, Moscot

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