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An insider’s guide to Istanbul by Fairmont Quasar, Istanbul

Pierre Loti & Cable Car

The famous café entitled with the name of Pierre Loti, a famous French writer, where the perfect view of Golden Horn can be watched. Pierre Loti had lived in Istanbul for a long time and was a real Istanbul lover. It is said that he used to come this café often and wrote his novel “Aziyade” overlooking the Golden Horn. From Eyüp to Pierre Loti, you can use the 3 minute cable car service for the fun of it, operating daily from 8 am until 11 pm.

Pierre Loti Cafe Istanbul

Antiques Bazaar

İstanbul is known for its open and closed bazaars, Grand Bazaar being the biggest and most well known. However, there are smaller markets in many districts some open and only open on certain days of the week. Such is the Feriköy Antiques Bazaar. The bazaar is in Şişli neighborhood and it is open to visits on Sundays between 8 am and 6 pm.

Feriköy Antiques Bazaar


Feriköy Organic Market

The first ever organic food market of Turkey, this market is in operation since 2006. The 100% ecological market filled with fresh vegetables and goods from all over Turkey is open every Saturday between 7 am to 5 pm. Feriköy Organic Market has a community feel to it and its visitors have an intellectual profile, hence once you get there, it is never only for healthy food shopping but socializing, as well. No nylon bags are allowed.

Feriköy Organic Market, Istanbul

Bomonti Ada

A previous beer factory turned into a food, culture and arts platform, Bomonti Ada is the gathering place of young people especially in summer to its lively courtyard area, restaurant, Babylon where you can listen to amazing live performances and the historical atmosphere of the complex itself. The first beer production facility in Turkey, Bomonti Factory was founded in late 1800s. Today, Populist, Kilimanjaro, Babylon are the most in places in the complex.

Bomonti Ada, Istanbul

Aila Restaurant

Offering Turkey’s authentic mezze and ocakbaşı culture in a chic ambiance, Aila boasts a Spice Library featuring the full panoply of colorful spices from the Spice Bazaar, where guests can also purchase spices, as well as a mezze bar and a central “ocakbaşı” – traditional Turkish grill – that will expand your culinary horizons.

Embracing authentic Turkish cuisine from all over Anatolia, combining seasonality and the best of locally-sourced ingredients, Aila opens onto the courtyard evoking an alfresco ambiance in warm weather. The restaurant, with an interior design that boasts traditional local elements, reflects the joy of the never sleeping city and its transforming energy from day time to great night vibes.

Aila Restaurant – Turkish specialty restaurant at Fairmont Quasar, Istanbul

Aila Restaurant, Fairmont Quasar

Kadıkoy Fish Market & Moda District

Kadıköy Fish Market is a large market where you can find all kinds of fresh fish and seafood. There are also greengrocers, delis, pickle sellers and dried fruit and nut sellers at the fish market. It is a place worth visiting and enjoying a meal in one of the small side street local cafes or having a Turkish coffee… Unlike the European side, Moda is a quiet haven. The neighborhood has seen an influx of young people who have opened cafes and shops here preferring the community feel of the neighborhood.

Kadıköy market, Istanbul

Outdoor swimming pool

Outdoor swimming pool designed by Marcel Wanders at Fairmont Quasar, Istanbul

Swimming pool designed by Marcel Wanders at Fairmont Quasar, Istanbul

Concierge tips provided by the Concierges at Fairmont Quasar, Istanbul

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