Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Venice Simplon Orient-Express to unveil new grand suites

Belmond, the company that operates the Venice Simplon Orient-Express train, today announced the introduction, from March 2018, of three super spacious Grand Suites, which will include private bathrooms with showers, as well as double beds and a sizeable living area.

The new suites – named Paris, Venice and Istanbul, after the three cities most associated with the train – will be in keeping with the general Art Deco motif of the original Orient Express and will include flourishes such as hand-carved timer, embossed leather, embroided pillows, Venetian-style glass lamps, and chic furnishings redolent of the grand architecture of the French capital.

The introduction of suites with bathrooms and living rooms will place the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express on a par with most of the trains at the very top of the market worldwise, such as the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian service, the newly-launched Train Suite Shiki-Shima in Japan, and the Al Andalus in Spain.

But what will set it apart will be a design completely in keeping with the 1920s Art Deco principles of the original train.

Venice Simplon Orient-Express - Venice Suite Venice Simplon Orient-Express - Paris Suite Venice Simplon Orient-Express - Istanbul Suite

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