Thursday, 22 June 2017

Two more artists accuse Gucci of copying designs

While Gucci has had a fruitful partnership with GucciGhost for Fall/Winter 2016, the imprint’s recent copying of a 1989 puff-sleeve bomber jacket by Harlem designer Dapper Dan was met with sharp criticism. Now adding to the flame are two graphic designers from Australia and New Zealand, who claim their brand logo designs were copied by Gucci for its Cruise 2018 collection.

The first piece at issue is a white T-shirt featuring a graphic print of a snake inside an ovular typography frame that reads “Guccify yourself.” The shirt appeared on the runway and on Alessandro Michele himself at the show’s finale. New Zealand artist Stuart Smythe asserts that the Gucci snake graphic is a flipped copy of a logo he created in 2014 for his label CLVL Apparel Co. Specific details of the two designs, such as the scale pattern, shadowing, lightning bolts from the mouth and a small white spot on the letter “R” (a specific detail of the font’s vintage effect) are red flags that point to plagiarism.

The second accused design, which appears on a Gucci tote bag, is a graphic of a roaring panther standing on a rock framed by text that reads “Guccification.” Australian artist Milan Chagoury contends that the graphic is a copy of a logo he created in 2015 for the White Tiger Tattoo Co. tattoo parlor. Chagoury owns the rights to the original artwork, which has the exact same arrangement as the Gucci design, except that the original’s feline silhouette boasts tiger stripes.

Gucci vs White Tiger Co Gucci vs CLVL Apparel Co.

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