Friday, 16 June 2017

Estée Lauder expands the Victoria Beckham line

Beckham’s two previous collections for Estée Lauder sold out instantly. Following on that success, the cosmetics company will expand the collection from 14 products to 28 for their upcoming collaboration.

Victoria Beckham launched her first collection for Estée Lauder in September of 2016. The limited edition collection sold out quickly, leading the company to release a second limited edition Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder collection in the spring. Now the brand has announced that this September will mark the release of their third collection, this time featuring an expanded range of products.

The fall launch will include 10 products from the previous collections and 18 new items. In keeping with the themes of the previous collections, the new line will be inspired by the cities New York, London, Paris, and L.A., with the new addition of Miami for the fall.

Estée Lauder will not only increase the number of products in the collection but also its distribution. The upcoming Victoria Beckham collection will be available at 1,200 retailers, compared to a previous 450, and the company will also triple its production of the collection.

The prices for the fall launch will be in keeping with the previous collections, with an eye pencil retailing for $34 and a powder for $85. However it also introduces more expensive products, including a $700 makeup pouch containing six products and a $1,500 light box.

Beckham has also discussed the possibility of creating a skincare line, and expanding the collection to eyebrow and foundation products. Estée Lauder has not released any plans to turn the Beckham collection into a permanent line, however.

Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder

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